Rare Breed Chickens Kent
Rare Breed Chickens Kent

Started in 1996, we have been breeding rare breeds of chickens & supplying well known establishments as well as the general public.









Chicks & Ducklings 


Quality rare breed chickens and Ducks & in the South East of England

Rare Breed Chickens Kent is committed to providing our customers in Kent with the best quality chickens-all vaccinated and kept in the best conditions to ensure the quality is the highest possible-we have experts who work with us, together with a trainee vet.

Our ducklings meet the the terrier puppies in the garden two years ago-see Toffee with a chick now in the picture below!-early association means they all love each other
We raise our own chicks with loving care!-They get used to dogs at an early stage!

Your eggs are not only fresher and taste better, but by buying your own chickens and producing eggs you support the local economy and also reduce the energy needed to transport your food. In addition, our suppliers are mostly organically certified or utilise the latest green technology to ensure the smallest possible carbon footprint. Beacon Stud, Benenden- has become a local centre for an amazing variety of rare birds, as well as the well-loved hybrids and exciting new breeds-ranging from chicks and chickens to ducks and ducklings, with a wonderful array of other farm animals at various times of the year!: Emus, Piglets, Lambs, Ponies, Guinea fowl, Pheasants, Geese, Quail and lots more-WE ARE FREE to visit, with no obligation-we love kids and helping people understand nature. Find out more about us on our new website!

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